At Davis & Associates, we handle all aspects of immigration law. If you have spoken with an attorney who does not do employment-based immigration, we do. If you talk to an attorney who does not do deportation defense, we do. If you talk to a firm that does not do waiver cases, we do. Whether it is appeals, removal proceedings, investor visas, labor certification, national interest waivers, extraordinary ability visas, performing artists, professional athletes, bond litigation, criminal consequences advisory opinions, or whatever the issue – if it involves US immigration law, we do it and have successfully done it for a combined 30 years. If the problem is able to be solved, we will find the solution. If it cannot be solved, we will tell you that and we will tell you why.

Our staff is multi-lingual and many of us have gone through the immigration process with our families and loved ones. We understand how you feel and genuinely care about helping you reach your immigration goals. Our motto is “Families, not Files” because when you do business with us, you are not just another file on our desks. Read more about each of our immigration attorneys below.

Garry Davis

Immigration Attorney

Our Founder and Managing Partner, Garry Davis, practices immigration law exclusively. His expertise encompasses all areas of immigration law, with special focus on deportation...

Beatriz Godoy

Immigration Attorney

Beatriz was born in 1979 in Hialeah, Florida, and graduated from Monsignor Edward Pace High School in 1997. She received a full scholarship at Barry University in Miami for her four-year degree.

Leslie Youssef

Immigration Attorney
Ms. Youssef has been practicing immigration law since she graduated from law school in 2004. She started her career in a large law firm, where she wrote a business plan for and created an immigration practice group in her local office.

Michael J. Spychalski

Immigration Attorney

Mr. Spychalski has made it his mission to protect immigrant’s rights in virtually any immigration case. He strives to stay current with the ever changing immigration law...

Joel Hernandez

Immigration Attorney

Joel will always fight for his clients and is eager to help many more individuals. He leads each case with a passion and dedication for immigrants like himself.

John Paul Powelson

Immigration Attorney

John Paul has gained extensive experience in a wide range of immigration matters like family immigration, asylum, cancellation of removal, DACA, U-Visa, T-Visa, waivers, bonds, citizenship, and many others.

Travis Olsen

Immigration Attorney

Travis is an expert in asylum and refugee law having spent nearly a decade at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigraiton Service in the Refugee, Asylum and International Operations Division.