How to Find an Immigration Attorney You Can Trust

For those already in the United States or hoping to come, a relationship with an experienced and trustworthy immigration attorney is an important step. During this time when United States immigration policies are currently under review, the need to find an immigration attorney to rely on, even at short notice, may be essential to your future.

Whether you need help to secure a visa, apply for permanent residency or change of status, or defend yourself or a family member in a deportation proceeding, you must find an immigration attorney you can trust.

Find An Immigration Attorney Worth Trusting

In Texas and many other states, many uncertified individuals claim to protect the rights of foreign-born residents. Some of these are neither certified to practice law nor qualified to act on behalf of individuals who require legal guidance or representation in a court of law. Many operate as Immigration Advisors, Counselors, Specialists, Notaries, or another title that suggests expertise. These people often act fraudulently, taking individuals’ money without performing any service.

Look for proof of their credentials:

  • Certification by the State Bar Association: Begin your search by contacting the local Bar Association for a list of qualified immigration lawyers. The Association keeps track of complaints, violations and disciplinary action a lawyer may have received. The State Bar of Texas, for example, can also assist in locating the appropriate lawyer in your area for your type of situation.
  • Specializes in immigration law: Many lawyers and firms practice in a broad range of legal categories. Research those lawyers who focus strictly on immigration issues because they stay on top of immigration law issues, operate exclusively within the immigration arena and may have worked with many of the immigration judges and enforcement officers in the past.
  • Has been recognized by statewide law organizations: Recognition by such organizations as the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law are high-level endorsements that help to affirm the credibility of the lawyer.
  • Has solid references: Check with people and friends who have needed the services of an immigration lawyer and may recommend one. Double-check those against available public information. Also, look for client testimonials on the lawyer’s website.

How Will You Know if the Immigration Attorney Will Be Trustworthy?

While the elements listed above are the essential prerequisites to find an immigration attorney, personal qualities are equally important. Honesty and trustworthiness can first be determined by visiting the immigration lawyer’s website and by searching the internet for confirmation of their qualifications.

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Free Consultation

If the immigration attorney meets the requirements as an authentic practicing attorney, you should next determine if a free, first-time consultation is available. The best immigration law firms, like Davis & Associates of Dallas TX, find that a free initial meeting benefits all parties. This meeting is the opportunity for you to present your situation and the lawyer can discuss possible approaches to your case.

During and after the free, first-time consultation, ask yourself whether the lawyer demonstrates:

  • Honesty: Is the attorney answering your questions directly? Does the information provided coincide what you already know? Is the attorney presenting you with a well-considered game plan with specific costs outlined up front?
  • Compassion and Commitment: Does the attorney seem to care about your case by showing real interest in what you are saying? Is there some clue that the attorney demonstrated genuine compassion when discussing similar past cases? Does the lawyer show respect? One firm, Davis & Associates in Dallas, Texas, actively endorses their internal motto that “Families, not Files” is the most crucial element of their legal practice.
  • Professionalism: Does the immigration lawyer show real professionalism without dodging specific questions? Is the lawyer open to provide references from past cases? Is the lawyer willing to share their credentials? Does the lawyer’s office demonstrate a sense of purpose and permanence?
  • Clear Communication Skills: Has the lawyer employed a multilingual staff who can help to clarify issues for you, if needed? Is the individual looking directly into your eyes when relaying information? Will the lawyer provide regular updates if you decide to proceed?

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With more than a decade of immigration law experience plus the endorsement of the Texas Bar Association and other legal organizations, Davis & Associates concentrates 100% of their efforts on addressing and solving immigration-related legal issues. Multi-lingual and centrally located in the Dallas Metro area, Davis & Associates offers professional, honest, and compassionate legal support to their clients.

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Davis & Associates is the immigration law firm of choice in North Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, McKinney and surrounding areas. Their attorneys provide expert legal counsel for all aspects of immigration law, including deportation defense, writs of habeas corpus and mandamus, family-sponsored immigration, employment-sponsored immigration, investment immigration, employer compliance, temporary visas for work and college, permanent residence, naturalization, consular visa processing, waivers, and appeals. Attorney Garry L. Davis is Board Certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.