Getting Started With Family Immigration

Step By Step Guide To Family Immigration
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There are many steps and details that are crucial to the immigration process. Whether you or someone you love is wanting to immigrate to the U.S., the knowledge in this ebook is your first step.

Insight from the Experts

We’ve spent hours creating this ebook to outline every step of the family green card sponsorship process:

  • Green Card Eligibility
    • Preference categories
    • Priority dates
  • Applying for a Green Card
    • Through Adjustment of Status
    • Through Consular Processing
  • After You File an Adjustment of Status Petition
    • The Biometrics Appointment
    • The Immigration Interview
    • After the Interview
  • After You Apply Through Consular Processing
    • The National Visa Center
    • Checking the Visa Bulletin
    • National Visa Center Processing
    • The Immigration Interview
  • And more!

Everything you need to get started on your family green card application is right here. Just fill out this quick form and you can instantly download.


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