Kimberly Elmazi Becomes Davis & Associates’ Fifth Attorney

Kimberly Elmazi Becomes Davis & Associates’ Newest Attorney

Recently, Kimberly Elmazi became the newest attorney at Davis & Associates, an immigration law firm in Dallas, Texas.   Each attorney at Davis & Associates brings something special to the table. Elmazi is a North Texas native with immigrant parents, who speaks English, Spanish and Albanian.   For Elmazi, “immigration law is not simply a…

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10 Questions Family Immigration Lawyer

10 Questions to Ask When Meeting With a Family Immigration Lawyer

Lately, there has been more attention paid to immigration and deportation than ever before. Law enforcement in some areas of the country are aggressively searching out undocumented immigrants with the intent to deport them. An executive order this year has limited the immigration of individuals from six mostly Muslim countries. According to The Atlantic, the…

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