Texas Attempts to Delay Ruling on Obama Immigration Plan

President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration is running out of time, and the state of Texas is taking advantage of that fact.

The state asked the U.S. Supreme Court for more time to file court papers in its dispute with the federal government regarding the president’s deportation relief programs. Should Texas get its way, the ruling may be delayed until after Obama leaves office.

Texas, along with twenty-six Republican-governed states, sued in an attempt to stop Obama’s 2014 plan to protect millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. The Justice Department was forced to launch an appeal to the Supreme Court after the several lower courts blocked the executive action.

While the Justice Department opposes the extension, legal experts suggest officials could ask the justices to speed up the process.

“The case presents issues of national importance and the Department believes it should be considered expeditiously,” said DOJ spokesman Patrick Rodenbush in an emailed statement. “Therefore, we intend to oppose Texas’s request for a full 30-day extension.”

If Texas succeeds, oral arguments would likely be delayed until fall of 2016, with a ruling not being delivered until January 2017.

Several Republican candidates have vowed to rescind Obama’s executive actions if elected, while Democratic contenders have promised to uphold the actions.

The Obama administration insists Texas and the other states have no legal basis for challenging the executive actions, while the states contend Obama acting unilaterally and overstepped his presidential powers.

Source: Hurley, Lawrence, “Texas is Gaming the Clock in the Fight Over Obama’s Immigration Plan,” Huffpost Politics, November 23, 2015

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