7 Traits of the Best Immigration Lawyers

While education and experience are critical attributes of the best immigration lawyers, personal commitment and compassion to your case are also underlying virtues for success. Law and law enforcement can be a cold and impersonal discipline, something Davis & Associates is trying to change.

The best immigration lawyers dedicate their lives to protecting the rights of every individual whose rights are being challenged.

Whether working on immigration matters, visa applications, permanent residency or defending the rights of foreign-born individuals currently residing in the United States, hiring a qualified immigration lawyer is essential when navigating through the complicated immigration policy.

If your residency is threatened, or you require assistance in applying for visas, immigration, or residency, finding the best immigration lawyers is essential. If these matters are not handled correctly from the start, the result can be delays, disappointment, and a waste of effort and money.

Companies seeking to bring foreign talent to the United States should also consult with lawyers to help navigate the laws and documentation required.

As in other fields, frauds exist who will try to take your money without delivering any results.

Therefore, begin your search for the best immigration lawyers by assessing their traits and qualifications. The best immigration lawyers are always happy to answer any questions regarding their experience and skills. Those who avoid providing a satisfying answering are likely not qualified.

Essential Traits of the Best Immigration LawyersBest Immigration Attorney Traits

  1. Accessible

While you are not entitled to 100% of an immigration lawyer’s time, you may expect a good immigration lawyer to be available when you need them. When faced with an emergency, however, the attorney should be able to respond quickly to your situation. Also, ask who would be the backup professional to help in case your attorney is not available at the time.

  1. Experienced

Besides academic achievements, you should determine how many years of experience the immigration lawyer may have with your case type. Look for one who specializes in immigration and check out their credentials. Is the attorney well respected by peers, or won awards? If you reside in Texas, has the individual been recognized by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law?

  1. Excellent Reputation and References

Seeking a lawyer who specializes specifically in immigration matters is the right starting point.  Law firms like Davis & Associates in Dallas TX work exclusively on immigration matters such as:

  • Family and business immigration
  • Visas and green cards
  • Political asylum
  • Deportation issues

Always ask for bonafide references and look for personal testimonials to determine what experience others have had in dealing with your prospective immigration lawyer. Ask about the types of cases the lawyer has handled and the outcomes.

Also, check online search engines and social media sites for reviews from other clients.

  1. Good Judgement

The best immigration lawyers are successful because they can draw logical conclusions from a wide range of situations and variables. Because they frequently appear in courts and before immigration officials, they should be well prepared with reasonable arguments and must remain confident and decisive at all times.

  1. Creative Solutions

A competent immigration lawyer draws from experience, recent research, analytics, and logic to find unique and innovative strategies to accomplish the goal. The best immigration lawyers also demonstrate perseverance when representing their clients, always creating new solutions whenever roadblocks appear.

  1. Excellent Communication and Public Speaking Skills

Precise communication with you, the client, is critical. The ability to communicate well in negotiations and while presenting your case is also essential. Often, the lawyer will need to think about and respond to challenges on the spot and must do so with confidence.

  1. People Skills and Compassion

Immigration lawyers should be personable and persuasive. How the lawyer is viewed can reflect directly on your case. If your representative is easily angered or rude, your case will suffer. Avoiding confrontation while presenting an argument is vital to success.

Immigration officials prefer to work with immigration lawyers who can communicate professionally, demonstrate reasonableness, are knowledgeable, and show a genuine commitment to their clients.

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Many of the characteristics of the top immigration lawyers can only be determined with a face-to-face consultation where you can explain your circumstances while the immigration attorney offers some potential strategies for success.

The best immigration law firms offer free consultation sessions to address your issues.

Also, the best firms hire multilingual staff, a valuable asset to ensure that all messages are understood, and the contractual agreements and expectations are clear to all parties.

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