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7 Traits of the Best Immigration Lawyers

7 Traits To Look For In An Immigration Attorney If you need an immigration attorney, chances are you are feeling stressed out and exposed about your existing immigration situation. The concept of being separated from your household, or your sponsor stopping by mid-way through the procedure can keep you up during the night. These are…

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Scheduling a Free Consultation with a professional immigration lawyer'

Scheduling A Free Consultation With A Professional Immigration Lawyer

While free information regarding immigration is virtually everywhere, we should always be careful that the information you’re relying on comes from a credible source. Commentary from television, radio, friends, newspapers, community organizations and online seems to flow without interruption. Some information may be correct, some might be partially true, and much of it is false or biased.…

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Davis & Associates Launch Spanish | Immigration Attorney | Dallas Fort Worth

Davis & Associates, North Texas Immigration Law Firm, Launches Spanish Website

Davis & Associates, a Dallas based Immigration Law Firm dedicated to serving North Texas families and businesses, recently launched a full-service Spanish website to communicate directly with their Spanish speaking customers. Until recently Davis & Associates released monthly blogs and information, social media, video and content marketing in English only. The Davis & Associates blog…

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Visa Options for Working in the United States | Davis & Associates | Immigration Lawyer

Visa Options for Working in the United States

The following article about United States Visa Options was written by Garry Davis, owner and lead attorney at Davis & Associates, and was recently published in the Dallas Bar Association digital and mail publications: Visa Options for Working in the United States Thu, 05/25/2017 by Garry Davis As an Immigration Law practitioner, I am frequently…

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