Immigrating to the U.S. Without a Job Offer: Your Options Explained

Immigrating to the United States is a dream for many individuals around the world, promising opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, for those immigrating to the United States without a job offer, the path to U.S. residency may seem complex and challenging. Fortunately, there are various avenues available to navigate this journey, each with…

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When Can I Visit My Spouse in the United States?

When Can I Visit My Spouse in the United States?

If you are an immigrant who is married to a U.S. citizen, green card holder or visa holder, you may be wondering when you can visit your spouse in the United States. Being separated from your spouse is never easy. We are always working with our clients to find a solution that will minimize any…

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How to Find a Detained Loved One Online - Davis & Associates

How to Find a Detained Loved One Online

Every year, a division of the Department of Homeland Security called ICE (that’s short for Immigration and Customs Enforcement) detains hundreds of thousands of people via a network of public and private facilities. But what if your loved one is detained – can you find them in the system? This guide explains. When Your Loved…

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Consular Processing Banner - Texas Immigration Law Firm

What is Consular Processing?

If you are not currently in the United States and, therefore, not qualified to apply for an adjustment of status, an immigrant visa application presented to the U.S. consulate in your location is the best course of action. An approved visa petition with a current priority date is needed to start the process. What is…

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What Is Your Immigration Priority Date?

What Is a Priority Date?

If you’re like many people interested in applying for a green card in the United States, you need to know about priority dates. What are they, how does your own priority date affect your case, and is there anything you can do to change it? This guide explains. What is a Priority Date? A priority…

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What If You Get Divorced From Your U.S. Sponsor?

What Happens If You Get Divorced After Receiving a Green Card?

The lawyers at Davis & Associates explain how getting divorced after receiving a green card can impact a person’s immigration status or their rights and obligations. Generally, the impact a divorce has on a person’s immigration status depends on what stage of the process that person is in. You’ll have a different outcome if you:…

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What is a Bona Fide Marriage in U.S. Immigration? - Family Immigration Services

What is a Bona Fide Marriage in U.S. Immigration?

You may be entitled to a U.S. green card through marriage – but in order to get one, you’ll have to show U.S. immigration officials that you’re in a bona fide marriage. That means you must prove that you’re in a genuine relationship with your spouse. Proving it can be tougher than you think. Here’s…

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The Significance of a Green Card Lawyer

Do I Need A Green Card Lawyer?

If you’re looking to obtain a green card and become a lawful permanent resident of the United States, you may be wondering, “Do I really need to a hire a green card lawyer, or can I go through the process by myself?” The short answer is no, you don’t technically need a green card lawyer.…

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DACA USA Economy

The Economic Benefits of the DACA Program

Created in 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program benefits hundreds of thousands of youths in America. Often referred to as “Dreamers,” potential beneficiaries must meet and continue to adhere to strict standards and requirements. Membership in the program is not permanent and must be renewed every two years. Additionally, the government can revoke…

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7 Traits of the Best Immigration Lawyers - Davis & Associates - Dallas & Houston Attorneys

7 Traits of the Best Immigration Lawyers

7 Traits To Look For In An Immigration Attorney If you need an immigration attorney, chances are you are feeling stressed out and exposed about your existing immigration situation. The concept of being separated from your household, or your sponsor stopping by mid-way through the procedure can keep you up during the night. These are…

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U.S Immigration: Citizenship for Children for Service Members

U.S. Immigration Policy & President Trump Part 4: House Democrat Bill Would Ensure Citizenship for Children of Service Members

On September 3rd, three House Democrats introduced new legislation that would eliminate policy changes from the Trump administration that impact how service members pass U.S. citizenship to their children. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a new policy that eliminated the guidelines that say children of U.S. military members and other federal workers abroad…

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