What is a Bona Fide Marriage in U.S. Immigration? - Family Immigration Services

What is a Bona Fide Marriage in U.S. Immigration?

If you’re like many people, you’re entitled to a U.S. green card through marriage – but in order to get one, you’ll have to show U.S. immigration officials that you’re in a bona fide marriage. That means you must prove that you’re in a genuine relationship with your spouse. Proving it can be tougher than…

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The Significance of a Green Card Lawyer

The Significance Of A Green Card Lawyer

When you’re ready to apply for lawful permanent residence in the United States, you may benefit from working with a green card lawyer in Dallas or Houston. Your attorney can walk you through the entire process – even very early on, such as choosing which visa you can use to eventually apply for citizenship. Your…

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DACA USA Economy

The Economic Benefits of the DACA Program

Created in 2012, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program benefits hundreds of thousands of youths in America. Often referred to as “Dreamers,” potential beneficiaries must meet and continue to adhere to strict standards and requirements. Membership in the program is not permanent and must be renewed every two years. Additionally, the government can revoke…

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7 Traits of the Best Immigration Lawyers - Davis & Associates - Dallas & Houston Attorneys

7 Traits of the Best Immigration Lawyers

7 Traits To Look For In An Immigration Attorney If you need an immigration attorney, chances are you are feeling stressed out and exposed about your existing immigration situation. The concept of being separated from your household, or your sponsor stopping by mid-way through the procedure can keep you up during the night. These are…

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U.S Immigration: Citizenship for Children for Service Members

U.S. Immigration Policy & President Trump Part 4: House Democrat Bill Would Ensure Citizenship for Children of Service Members

On September 3rd, three House Democrats introduced new legislation that would eliminate policy changes from the Trump administration that impact how service members pass U.S. citizenship to their children. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued a new policy that eliminated the guidelines that say children of U.S. military members and other federal workers abroad…

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Family Visas 101: Everything You Need To Know

Understanding Family-Based Visas

United States citizens and lawful permanent residents, also known as green card holders, have the ability to sponsor a family member who lives abroad. Learn how to sponsor your relative’s family-based visa and help them gain entry into the country. Obtaining a Family-Based Visa Thousands of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents help their relatives…

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What Is Your Immigration Priority Date?

What Is a Priority Date?

A “priority date” is a green card applicant’s place in line while their case is being processed by USCIS. If you recently applied for a green card or adjustment of status, you can find your priority date on Form I-797, Notice of Action. The waiting time depends on: The demand for & supply of immigrant…

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Detained Loved One

How to Find a Detained Loved One Online

How to Find a Detained Loved One Online Every year, ICE detains hundreds of thousands of people via a network of public and private facilities. Throughout the United States (U.S.), ICE operates hundreds of detention centers. As of fiscal year (FY) 2015, ICE operated 638 centers, allowing the mass detention of immigrants facing court proceedings.…

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