Are Employers At Risk During ICE Raids?

Does ICE Target Employers During Immigration Raids?

After ICE carried out the largest immigration raid in U.S. history at seven food-processing plants in Mississippi, many people are now asking what will happen to the business owners who profit from the labor of illegal workers.

Since President Trump has been in office, criminal charges pressed against business owners and managers for employing unauthorized workers has stayed the same. Meanwhile, nearly every other enforcement measure used to crack down on immigration has increased. Although 680 workers were arrested during the ICE operation, some of whom will face criminal charges, owners and top managers at the food-processing plants weren’t charged.

Why Do Business Owners Usually Avoid Prosecution?

Under federal law, it is a crime for an employer to “knowingly” hire a worker who is staying in the country illegally. The term “knowingly” has proven to be a valuable defense for employers accused of illegal hiring practices because they can simply claim they didn’t know the worker was unauthorized.

Former Acting Director Thomas Homan said that ICE wanted to increase worksite enforcement actions by 400%, and so far, the agency has succeeded in this mission. Agency statistics show that investigations and audits of employee hiring documents have quadrupled. The agency also said it made 2,304 arrests in workplaces throughout the country, which was seven times as many as the year before. However, ICE only arrested 72 managers in 2018. In 2017, ICE arrested 71 mangers, resulting in 55 convictions. But in 2018, only 48 managers were convicted of crimes.

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