Kirstjen Nielsen Leaving Trump Administration

Kirstjen Nielsen Leaving Trump Administration

Over the weekend, breaking news spread throughout the country: Kirstjen Nielsen, the current Secretary of Homeland Security, would immediately resign. Without a doubt, Nielsen has become infamous for her role in the implementation of Trump’s atrocious family separation policies. Even today, families are still torn apart, nearly a year after their initial separation.

In fact, the U.S. has admitted that it may take 2 years to reunite parents and children. Further, according to The New York Times, the Trump administration admits it likely separated “thousands more children from their parents than was previously believed.” This shocking revelation highlights the sloppy, haphazard implementation of a disastrously cold-hearted policy. In today’s article, we discuss the situation surrounding Nielsen’s resignation, as well as discuss the future acting homeland security secretary.

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Nielsen Resigning as Secretary of Homeland Security

According to NBC News, recent clashes between Secretary Nielsen and President Trump may have escalated tensions that ultimately ended in her resignation. According to a White House insider, Nielsen and Trump disagreed over the reintroduction of the controversial and cruel family separation policy which incited international outrage in 2018. Apparently, the president believes that this policy was the most effective tactic thus far in the administration’s fight to deter migrants and asylum seekers. Nielsen refused, citing federal court orders that barred the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from reinstating any family separation initiatives.

Amid heightening pressure to implement family separation, Nielsen stood on shaky ground. The president has increased pressure on the Secretary since January 2019, when migrant arrivals at the southern border continued to rise. Unfortunately, a senior administration official discussed the current situation at the DHS, painting a bleak picture. According to this source, there is a “near-systematic purge happening at the nation’s second-largest national security agency.” What this means for the DHS, and for the nation, is not yet clear. What is obvious, though, is that President Trump’s behavior will continue to put immigrant families at risk throughout America.

Who Will Lead the DHS?

In Nielsen’s absence, Trump has named Kevin McAleenan as the administration’s acting Secretary of Homeland Security. The former Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Commissioner, McAleenan remains open to family separation at the border and has not ruled out the option of “binary choice.” In summary, binary choice is a previously-considered Trump policy that would force families to choose between remaining together in detainment or freeing their children through willful separation.

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