Temporary Protected Status Extended for El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Honduras and Nepal

The Department of Homeland Security announced on November 1st, 2019 that Temporary Protected Status would be extended for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua and Sudan until January 2021.


These extensions are in compliance with the preliminary injunctions of cases Ramos, et al. v. Nielsen, et. al,; Saget, et. al. v. Trump, et. al.; and Bhattarai v. Nielson in California and New York.


TPS Designation(s)Current Expiration DateNew Expiration Date
    El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Sudan    Jan. 2, 2020    Jan. 4, 2021
    Honduras    Jan. 5, 2020    Jan. 4, 2021
    Nepal    March 24, 2020    Jan. 4, 2021


Temporary Protected Status Work Authorization Extension

Provided beneficiaries re-registered for TPS, they do not need to file any application to receive the TPS extension. This extension also extends the beneficiaries’ Employment Authorization Documents (EAD). Beneficiaries can provide their extended EAD documents to their employers to continue their authorized employment.


If you did not re-register in time, you can apply for Temporary Protected Status but must provide “good cause” as to why you didn’t re-register. If you need to re-register, it would be in your best interest to contact an immigration attorney who can ensure your paperwork is filed correctly in order for you to stay in the U.S. under Temporary Protected Status.


If the U.S. District Courts win the stated cases, the TPS termination will take effect for Nicaragua and Sudan no earlier than 120 days from the mandate and for El Salvador no earlier than 365 days from the mandate.


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