U.S. Relations Crisis

U.S. Relations Crisis

We at Davis & Associates are saddened by the events that have led to the race relations crisis we’re experiencing in the US. We condemn the inhumane treatment of people we have seen in this country because of the color of their skin. Similarly we acknowledge and are acutely aware of the rampant racial, religious, political and gender identity discrimination and persecution throughout the world.


We recognize that we’re all just people, regardless of the color of our skin, our national origin, our sexual orientation or gender identity, or any other identifying factor. None of those differences change the fact that we are all human and connected to each other by that humanity.


We are in business to break down the barriers that divide us as brothers and sisters in the human race. Every day, we spend our energy bringing and keeping families together, facilitating international commerce and investment, and working to save people from the persecution they face in their countries of nationality. We actively work to unite the human family, irrespective of race, religious beliefs or other factors.


We strive every day to bring people together by helping our clients access and navigate the system that controls the immigration process in the US. We are not concerned about what divides us as people. We focus on what unites us. We may have differences, but fundamentally, we all have the same hopes, dreams and desires for ourselves and those we care about.


We stand in solidarity with those who are challenging the thoughts, actions and institutions that divide us as people, and long for the day when the prejudices that divide us will no longer tear down the brotherhood and sisterhood we should all enjoy in unity, respect, love and harmony. We will be vigilant in our efforts to continue breaking down what divides us, and hope for many others to continue tirelessly doing the same.

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