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What is Political Asylum?

Political asylum is an application filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), an agency in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), that allows an applicant to seek protection from persecution in their country of nationality. An applicant must prove the following: That the application has been filed within one year of entry into…

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Preparing for Your Asylum Interview - Davis & Associates

Preparing for Your Asylum Interview

Each year across the globe, thousands of people must flee their homes due to persecution and fear. The United States allows those who fear return to their native countries to apply for asylum. If granted asylum, a beneficiary can stay in the U.S. permanently, building a life free from the threat of violence or retaliation.…

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Asylum Domestic Violence and Gangs

Hope for Victims of Crime Seeking Asylum in the US

Domestic violence and gang violence are rampant throughout the world, particularly in Central America. Governments there either don’t care, are too corrupt, or are incapable of addressing these serious issues. Women and children in particular are targets for physical and sexual abuse and marginalization and have nowhere to turn for protection from maltreatment. Often they…

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Trump Administration Plans to Detain Asylum Seekers Indefinitely

Trump Administration Plans to Detain Asylum Seekers Indefinitely For those facing unthinkable violence and threats of persecution, asylum provides an escape. It promises safety, peace, and prosperity away from the grasp of fear. Yet within the last year, the Trump administration has continually proven itself an enemy of asylum seekers. While potential asylees, including many…

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Affirmative and Defensive Asylum

Affirmative and Defensive Asylum: Learn the Differences

Affirmative and Defensive Asylum: Learn the Differences Thousands of refugees across the world seek asylum each year. Asylum is a globally recognized form of government protection, and each person has a right to seek it in the country of their choosing. In the United States (U.S.), asylum rights and laws are governed by the Immigration…

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