Scheduling a Free Consultation with a professional immigration lawyer'

Scheduling A Free Consultation With A Professional Immigration Lawyer

While free information regarding immigration is virtually everywhere, we should always be careful that the information you’re relying on comes from a credible source. Commentary from television, radio, friends, newspapers, community organizations and online seems to flow without interruption. Some information may be correct, some might be partially true, and much of it is false or biased.

Circumstances regarding some aspects of immigration and residency are moving quickly. For example, Texas SB4 has passed. This law is designed to crack down on undocumented aliens and so-called sanctuary cities in Texas.

The best source for current and accurate information regarding immigration issues is an experienced, certified immigration lawyer. Do not listen to non-certified immigration specialists, notaries, or visa expediters because they have neither the credentials nor the authority to provide advice about your immigration status.

Always make sure the immigration lawyer has been certified by your state’s Bar Association. You may further check credentials by visiting the website of the National Organization of Bar Counsel to determine the individual’s credentials and whether any disciplinary action has been imposed.

How to Get Access to Free Information from a Certified Immigration Lawyer

Visit their Websites

One way to obtain reliable professional advice and gather information regarding current immigration activity is to visit a local firm’s website and read their blogs. These are articles that the immigration lawyers provide that deal with various issues and common questions, perhaps that pertain to your situation. Reading these articles can broaden your knowledge of current affairs about immigration law.

One of the best sources for up-to-date immigration information is the blog presented on the website of Davis & Associates in Dallas TX. Click the “Articles” section for immigration news.

Check Out a Certified Immigration Lawyer Near You

Accessibility is often an essential quality of an immigration lawyer. As circumstances move quickly, having your lawyer nearby can be a valuable benefit. A readily available lawyer is especially necessary when you or a family member are being challenged by law enforcement. No lawyer is going to be available 24/7, but a possible backup representative should be designated.

In Dallas, Davis & Associates is an award-winning immigration law firm with personnel and resources to help on short notice.

Call for a Free Consultation AppointmentCall Davis & Associates for a Free Consultation

Most professional immigration law firms, like Davis & Associates, also offer a first-time consultation with a free immigration lawyer to meet and discuss your immigration situation. The meeting has four purposes:

  • You can explain your circumstances and show all documentation that pertains to your residency.
  • You will be able to ask about the lawyer’s experience, qualifications, and references.
  • The immigration lawyer can review your circumstances and may offer some advice and a potential strategy to proceed with your case. Usually, an experienced immigration attorney will have worked with similar situations and will be able to advise whether the case has real potential to succeed.
  • You can decide if the lawyer is right for you.

During these uncertain times, consulting a reputable and experienced immigration lawyer can help to clarify doubts, facilitate paperwork issues, or provide insight into what you may expect in the future.

An immigration lawyer free consultation is available through many firms to discuss particular circumstances and determine if legal support is warranted. Immigration law is extremely complicated and legal advice can be critical.

In any event, this immigration lawyer free consultation should give you the peace of mind and guidance needed to take further steps.

10 Reasons To Book Your Free Consultation

  1. Green Card Eligibility:While securing a green card may not always require a legal representative, you will find that doing so can make the situation much easier. In addition, discussing your situation with a reputable immigration lawyer during an immigration lawyer free consultation allows you to avoid being a victim of fraud. Many scammers operate with titles like “Notario” and “Visa Facilitator” who are not qualified to protect your interests in court nor can perform any of the functions of a certified lawyer.
  2. Legal Proceedings:If you are somehow involved in legal proceedings, immediately contact a qualified immigration lawyer. Legal proceedings can spin out of control without proper legal representation and lead to severe results such as incarceration or deportation.
  3. Deportation Notification:If you have received a notice of deportation, contact an immigration deportation lawyer An immigration lawyer free consultation may uncover reasons for the deportation that may be reversible. Top immigration lawyers have excellent relationships with immigration authorities and may be able to legally persuade a different approach to the reason for deportation.
  4. Application Denial:If you have been denied a USCIS Green Card or citizenship, select a proven and successful immigration lawyer whose with a clear track record. Often application denials are a result of a misunderstanding, improper application completion, or other circumstance that a qualified attorney might overcome. Contact an expert lawyer for an immigration lawyer free consultation.
  5. Criminal Offense in the United States:In the case of a criminal offense while living and working in the United States, you should proceed immediately to an experienced immigration lawyer. Individuals in this position are liable for deportation when serious offenses occur. During an immigration lawyer free consultation, the lawyer can advise and protect your rights in these circumstances.
  6. Moving to the U.S. for a Job: For anyone who has been offered a job in the United States but must work out the immigration details themselves, a credible and experienced business immigration law firm is essential. The firm can represent the individual, expedite the legal paperwork, and facilitate the entire process. An immigration lawyer free consultation will begin the process.
  7. Investment-Based Visa: Business people or investors who create or finance a United States-based business that employs ten or more full-time employees are eligible for EB5 investor Green Cardsor permanent residency. To handle the legalities and requirements of this type of situation, professional legal representation is important. Given the considerable paperwork involved and the complexities of admitting family members under 21 to the United States, setting up an immigration lawyer free consultation can be very helpful to expedite all processes.
  8. Emergency Help: Identifying a ready and capable legal resource who is familiar with your situation is important. Sometimes events happen quickly. Knowing whom to call is important. An immigration lawyer will familiarize you with a ready legal resource to help you in a difficult situation.
  9. Peace-of-Mind: Having a discussion about your circumstances during an immigration lawyer free consultation can bring psychological relief and instill confidence that someone is available who knows your situation and can help. A free consultation provides you with an educated opinion of your circumstances and imparts relief that you have a ready contact to phone if circumstances change.
  10. It’s free. You are under no obligation to continue with the relationship. During a free consultation, the immigration lawyer will explore your circumstances to determine if legal action or protection may be required. If so, a clear path can be devised to identify the clear objective and proceed. This will also allow you to determine if the immigration lawyer is the right fit for you and is sincere in protecting your rights.

At the conclusion of the free consultation or sometime later, you may decide to proceed with the case. When you are ready to go, it is crucial that you fully understand the conditions and costs of hiring the lawyer.

The best immigration law firm is multilingual to ensure clients understand all the elements of the discussion and any possible agreement that may result.

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