ICE - Prosecutorial Discretion

Big Changes for ICE – Prosecutorial Discretion Can Make a Difference for Many Immigrants

On May 27th, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, commonly known as ICE, released a nationwide memorandum to guide the government’s immigration attorneys on removal policies and priorities. It is one of the most progressive movements made to date under the Biden Administration to work with the immigrant community. This memo now provides a framework for the…

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Preparing for Deporation Defense - - 6 Ways To Stop Deportation - Davis & Associates

6 Ways To Stop Deportation

6 Ways To Build A Strong Deportation Defense Case The threat of deportation or removal from the United States is growing. Stricter enforcement by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to seek out undocumented residents and expanded authority in states like Texas have caused many to be concerned about their future. The uncertain future of DACA,…

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Avoiding Deportation In Texas

ICE Deportation in Dallas: What You Need to Know

It’s pretty well-known that Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s arrested over 42,000 people in Texas last year– and that ICE deportation is on the rise all over the country. But what is deportation, and are there ways you can avoid it? ICE Deportation: What You Need To Know Deportation – now called removal – is defined…

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