ICE - Prosecutorial Discretion

Big Changes for ICE – Prosecutorial Discretion Can Make a Difference for Many Immigrants

On May 27th, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, commonly known as ICE, released a nationwide memorandum to guide the government’s immigration attorneys on removal policies and priorities. It is one of the most progressive movements made to date under the Biden Administration to work with the immigrant community. This memo now provides a framework for the…

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Ask Garry Davis Immigration Policy

Ask Garry: Insight into President Trump’s Immigration Policy

Recently, Davis & Associates’ lead attorney, Garry Davis, wrote an article to be published by over president Trump’s Immigration Policy. Read a copy of the article below: Since being sworn into office, President Trump has made significant changes to immigration law and policy in the U.S. Of particular note are the end of the Deferred…

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3 Things an Immigration Lawyer in Dallas Wants Texas to Watch Out for in 2018

3 Things an Immigration Lawyer in Dallas Wants Texans to Watch Out for in 2018

The election campaigns of 2016 propelled many immigration topics to the forefront of current events. Setting limits on immigration, restricting access from specific countries, and searching out undocumented residents for deportation became key subjects. Every notable immigration lawyer in Dallas is paying attention to the daily activities of the national and state legislatures, as well…

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People Are Calling for American Immigration Reform- Get the Facts

People Are Calling for American Immigration Reform: Get the Facts

Conversations regarding immigration reform did not begin with the 2016 presidential campaign, although the topic has reached a crescendo level in recent months. The Obama administration began calling attention to a need for reform as early as 2008. However, to date, there has been no legislation initiated by Congress that has achieved sufficient support.  …

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