DACA in Jeopardy Again

After 9 years of having the DACA program in place, a federal judge has chosen now as the right time to determine that when it was put in place 2 presidents ago, the rules were not properly followed in starting the program. Frankly, it’s inexplicable. If this were an issue, it should have come up…

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The Dream Act - Immigration News - Davis & Associates

5 Controversial Elements Regarding the DREAM Act

The DREAM Act, if enacted, would permanently protect certain immigrants who arrived in the United States as children but are now adults – and are therefore vulnerable to deportation. The DREAM Act has quite a history in Congress (more on that later), but as of this writing, there are two versions of the original act:…

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3 Things an Immigration Lawyer in Dallas Wants Texas to Watch Out for in 2018

3 Things an Immigration Lawyer in Dallas Wants Texans to Watch Out for in 2018

The election campaigns of 2016 propelled many immigration topics to the forefront of current events. Setting limits on immigration, restricting access from specific countries, and searching out undocumented residents for deportation became key subjects. Every notable immigration lawyer in Dallas is paying attention to the daily activities of the national and state legislatures, as well…

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