Understanding Deportation & Removal Proceedings - Davis & Associates

Removal Proceedings Overview & Why You Should Hire a Deportation Lawyer

Quick Table of Contents What is Deportation and Removal Proceedings? Exclusion vs Deportation vs Removal Understanding Inadmissibility Who are Candidates for Removal or Deportation? Which Agencies Are Involved in Immigration and Removal? How Does the Immigration Removal Process Work? What is Deportation and Removal Proceedings? Deportation and removal proceedings can be harsh for families to…

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Checking Your H-1B Visa Status

How to Check Your H1B Visa Status Online

When you apply for an H-1B visa in the United States, the government provides an online tool you can use to check the status of your case. You can also contact your attorney or check your petition’s status by phone – but for most people, using the online tool is much easier (and faster). How…

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Small Company H-1B Visas

How Does a Small Company Sponsor H1B Workers?

Successful start-up and small companies that wish to grow usually begin with a clear roadmap to achieve their goals. This plan includes objectives, timelines, staffing requirements, and plenty of action plans. In some technical areas, the staffing challenge can be the most significant hurdle to achieving overall objectives. While there may be plenty of specialized…

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Trump Bans Work Visas for The Remainder of 2020

President Trump has issued a new executive order that prohibits visa issuance for certain classes of employment visas. The affected classes are H-1B, some categories of J-1, and L-1. The ban also includes dependent family members who could accompany the spouse with the primary visa classification, such as a spouse and unmarried minor children. The…

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Scheduling a Free Consultation with a professional immigration lawyer'

Scheduling A Free Consultation With A Professional Immigration Lawyer

While free information regarding immigration is virtually everywhere, we should always be careful that the information you’re relying on comes from a credible source. Commentary from television, radio, friends, newspapers, community organizations and online seems to flow without interruption. Some information may be correct, some might be partially true, and much of it is false or biased.…

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Immigration and Naturalization Services in Dallas and Houston, Texas - Davis & Associates

Immigration and Naturalization Services in Dallas and Houston, Texas

The U.S. government requires immigrants and people who wish to become naturalized citizens to fill out and file paperwork, submit to immigration interviews, pass background checks and, in the case of citizenship, swear an oath of allegiance to the United States.Many people turn to attorneys for immigration and naturalization services that help them through the…

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Foreign Students: Ensuring You Keep Your Status

How to Keep Your F or M Student Status

If you are a foreign student studying in the United States, you need to make sure you maintain your F or M student status. Follow these guidelines to make sure your status is up-to-date so you avoid overstaying your visa. Know Your Duration of Status When you come through a U.S. port of entry, a…

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Kirstjen Nielsen Leaving Trump Administration

Kirstjen Nielsen Leaving Trump Administration Over the weekend, breaking news spread throughout the country: Kirstjen Nielsen, the current Secretary of Homeland Security, would immediately resign. Without a doubt, Nielsen has become infamous for her role in the implementation of Trump’s atrocious family separation policies. Even today, families are still torn apart, nearly a year after…

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H-1B Program Changes

Understand this Year’s H-1B Program Changes

Understand this Year’s H-1B Program Changes Each year, thousands of foreign professionals receive the opportunity to travel to America and work for U.S. companies. Likewise, U.S. companies can utilize the unique benefits of skillsets rarely found in the American workforce. The H-1B program allows for this symbiotic relationship to flourish, boosting the U.S. economy across…

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