Political Asylum USA- Frequently Asked Questions

Political Asylum USA: Frequently Asked Questions

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) is sensitive to the plight of foreign nationals who may be exposed to harassment, discrimination, or unfair persecution based on race or religious discrimination, nationality, or political and social association in their home countries. For those who are currently present in the United States, and can show…

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obtaining a political asylum attorney

Davis & Associates is Preparing Clients for Changes to the Political Asylum Interview Process

Davis & Associates is preparing clients for recent changes to the application and interview process for pending political asylum cases. Until recently, the oldest political asylum applications were processed first, causing some cases to remain pending for up to a year before the applicant was ever able to schedule an interview with The United States…

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Ask Garry Davis Immigration Policy

Ask Garry: Insight into President Trump’s Immigration Policy

Recently, Davis & Associates’ lead attorney, Garry Davis, wrote an article to be published by www.bestlawyers.com over president Trump’s Immigration Policy. Read a copy of the article below: Since being sworn into office, President Trump has made significant changes to immigration law and policy in the U.S. Of particular note are the end of the Deferred…

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3 Ways to Gain Green Card Sponsorship Davis & Associates

3 Ways to Gain Green Card Sponsorship

Responsibilities of Green Card Sponsorship Gaining Green Card sponsorship for permanent residency in the United States is an important goal for many foreign-born individuals and families. Green Card status is a significant step toward achieving eventual U.S. citizenship. In nearly every situation, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) requires that immigrants seeking permanent…

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The Dream Act - Immigration News - Davis & Associates

5 Controversial Elements Regarding the DREAM Act

The DREAM Act, if enacted, would permanently protect certain immigrants who arrived in the United States as children but are now adults – and are therefore vulnerable to deportation. The DREAM Act has quite a history in Congress (more on that later), but as of this writing, there are two versions of the original act:…

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The Complete US Immigration Visa Process

The Complete US Immigration Visa Process

The process for applying for a US immigration visa can seem very complicated. While the State Department issues temporary visas regularly for study, work or business, and other categories, a true US immigration visa is intended to be permanent. Immigrant visa holders usually wish to become permanent residents and citizens eventually. In the majority of cases, a US immigration…

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3 Things an Immigration Lawyer in Dallas Wants Texas to Watch Out for in 2018

3 Things an Immigration Lawyer in Dallas Wants Texans to Watch Out for in 2018

The election campaigns of 2016 propelled many immigration topics to the forefront of current events. Setting limits on immigration, restricting access from specific countries, and searching out undocumented residents for deportation became key subjects. Every notable immigration lawyer in Dallas is paying attention to the daily activities of the national and state legislatures, as well…

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Kimberly Elmazi Becomes Davis & Associates’ Fifth Attorney

Kimberly Elmazi Becomes Davis & Associates’ Newest Attorney

Recently, Kimberly Elmazi became the newest attorney at Davis & Associates, an immigration law firm in Dallas, Texas.   Each attorney at Davis & Associates brings something special to the table. Elmazi is a North Texas native with immigrant parents, who speaks English, Spanish and Albanian.   For Elmazi, “immigration law is not simply a…

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What You Need to Know About Temporary Protective Status

What You Need to Know About Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Temporary Protected Status is designed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to be a compassionate option for individuals from nations where conditions exist that may keep them from returning safely at a particular time. Alternatively, the home country may temporarily be unable to accommodate the safe return of the individuals. The Department…

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Texas Sanctuary City Ban Updates October 2017

Texas Sanctuary City Ban Updates

During recent months, the Texas state legislature has passed legislation designed to eliminate the existence of “sanctuary cities” in Texas. A Texas sanctuary city is defined as one whose officials and law enforcement may have chosen not to assist in the pursuit and detention of individuals who may be deemed to be present in the…

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